for Symphonic Band
Score and Parts (PDF)


Epiphany was composed in early 2016, an Anthem for the liturgical season of the same name.  Although the work was originally conceived as a homophonic choral setting of Psalm 36:5-9, this transcription makes effective use of the wind band’s unique ability to seemlessly connect phrases (sustain) and mix instrumental timbre (blend color).  The work is brief, in three sections that reflect the emotional trajectory of the text: it begins with a plaintive proclamation of affection that is followed by a section of muted jubilance, and then closes with a regal affirmation of divine love.  It was written for the Symphonic Band at Northern Highlands Regional High School.


Epiphany is composed with simple, homphonic rhythms (Grade 2.5).  Used as a pedagogical tool it affords an ensemble the opportunity to focus on improving phrasing, intonation, balance, and blend.  Recommended rehearsal techniques include:


  1. Playing at quarter speed (sixteenth= 52) for tone balance and blend

  2. Singing the parts with a smooth, connected sound

  3. Playing slowly with an Eb drone for intonation

  4. Discussing the emotional meaning of the harmony

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