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Trio for Flute, Violin, and Cello

Composed in Fall 2013, this playful and lyrical work claims a significant presence in the repertoire for its genre.  Using a tonal style reminiscent  of traditional American music, this 12 minute work is in three atacca movements.  The rhythmic D minor overture that starts the piece is followed by a gorgeous and singing slow movement in C major.  The playful third movement thrills with an energetic G major finish.  Wide in emotional scope and textural variety, this piece is sure to please.

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Score and Parts (PDF)
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What People are Saying

"I can't tell you how much I love this composition.  It is a real gem in our repertoire"

                  -M. Holzhausen

"The audience loved the piece...thank you for writing it and for making it available. We're hoping to be able to program it again. It really is so nice to have a piece for that trio that is well written and sounds so different from all the other pieces we play."

                  -B. Cochran

"Thank you for creating this beautiful music...we couldn't find another piece that could match yours.."

                  -M. Rubio

The Composition Process:

Genesis of the Third Movement

Although the notebook containing the initial sketches for this piece was stolen during a robbery of my New Brunswick home, a good amount of digital sketches show how the third movement of this piece came to be.  From left to right, see the third movement grow from a passing thought at the end of a larger movement (later discarded) into its final form.  Continuous experimentation with meter, phrase length, repetition, and pitch levels around the main ideas are frequent throughout the process..

Screenshot 2016-04-12 23.24.40
Screenshot 2016-04-12 23.25.08
Screenshot 2016-04-12 23.25.38
Screenshot 2016-04-12 23.25.48
Screenshot 2016-04-12 23.25.22
Screenshot 2016-04-12 23.26.06
Screenshot 2016-04-12 23.26.33
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