Composition Journal: 3.2.16

Since Late November:

Pieces Started: 13

Several Organ Pieces, many sketches of chamber works for varying combinations of strings and piano, a few chorales, a piece for brass quintet and organ based on the book of Lamentations from the Old Testament.

Pieces Completed: 4

A prelude for piano, a homophonic anthem (for a capella SATB, also transcribed for band), a prelude for unaccompanied Viola, a diatonic serial trio for Clarinet, Viola, and Piano

Premiers: 1

My own (terrible) performance of the piano prelude. Main inspiration for starting piano lessons this month with Carl Bolleia.

Money Made from Composing: $35

A kind donation from Flutist working on the Trio. Wondering what happened to my ASCAP check this year.

Money Spent on Composing: ...

Purchased a spiral binding machine, blank CDs, binder covers, FL studio, applications fees to at least a dozen competitions and residencies.

Awards won/Residencies offered: 0

Bull shit.

Things learned about composition:

Mostly pedagogical techniques. Teaching my music theory class how to compose harmonic progressions from Arnold Schoenberg's Theory of Harmony.

Issues in composition:

1) Finding time and inspiration to compose.

2) Making effecient use of composing time. Identifying and eliminating unproductive habits. Spending too much time noodling on the keyboard and not enough time commiting ideas to paper. Struggling to break writing on the barline habits in Sibelius. Adding more complex harmonies to my pallate. Writing melodies with character.

3) Feeling left behind as I try to juggle the competing demands on my time.

Progress in composition:

1) Finished the symphony and sent out the parts.

2) Have written at least something (almost) every day for the past month.

3) Learning about the nature of creativity from The Cambridge Handbook on Creativity

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