Views of Llifén

For Orchestra

Views of Llifén (jee-FEN) is a single movement overture inspired by an imaginary day in Chile's picturesque 14th region, a dramatic landscape pitted with glacial lakes and capped by tremendous volcanoes in the southern Andes.  Composed in April of 2013 while the composer lived in the village of Llifén, the theme of the work is partly based on an unused sketch from an earlier orchestral piece, Eulogy for Connie Gorga.


​​The work begins with a strong declamation of the primary material; a dotted rhythm and a string of staccato sixteenth notes.  The slow introduction with delicate wind textures is suggestive of a cold morning twilight.  As day breaks the second section, a fast three, is filled with rapidly shifting textures that express movement and life:sunlight fills Llifén valley as it breaks over mountain peaks while ibises take quick flight, Liolaemus Lizards scatter over rocks, and the Calcurrupe River rushes down to Lago Ranco from deep within the mountains.  In the third section the piece takes stock of the tremendous power of the earth--volcanoes rumbling, rivers transporting mountains downhill piece by piece, storms thundering down from the mountains into the valley--in a long crescendo.  As the energy of the piece peaks we soar above the landscape into the clouds, witnessing the sun gloriously fade away over the countryside.

Views of Llifén (2013) - Edgar Girtain
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