Edgar Girtain is a traditional American composer with dozens of orchestral, chamber, and vocal works to his name. His music is regularly performed by a quantity of name-droppables in more places than even the composer can be sure of, and he holds beyond a reasonable number of degrees in music from several august institutions of higher education. His teachers include some composers you've probably heard of, but he learned the most from the teachers whose names you haven't, such as Charles Fussell, America's greatest forgotten composer. (He also owes deep gratitude to the elder statesman of eccentric American composers, David Felder). Edgar is regularly featured in his local newspaper, occasionally mentioned in bigger ones, and carves out his living as the head administrator of a minuscule university music department in cold, rainy Puerto Montt, Chile. He's currently working on a PhD in Buffalo, NY. Born in 1988, he's a married father of more than one daughter.